PDF Full Form

What is the full form of PDF?

PDF full-form is Portable Document Format. Generally, we use PDF format to save files that we don’t want to be modified, but can be shared easily without any hassles. Today, almost every variant of Adobe Reader or other programs available in the computer or laptop can read PDF files. It is important to understand that once a file is converted to PDF, it cannot be changed back to Microsoft Office.

History Of PDF

PDF came into existence in the 1990s by Adobe Systems. It was however introduced to us in the Windows and OS2 conference in 1993 until it was released as an open standard in 2008. The idea behind PDF was to ensure seamless transfer of data, to share documents, and more. It was created by the research and development team led by John Warnock, who was Adobe’s co-founder and the team was called as Camelot. Not everyone embraced the concept in the beginning and it was slow to spread because it wasn’t even freely available and had no support for hyperlinks.

Which software is required to open and read PDF?

As mentioned earlier, PDF files are mainly used to curate and share documents as PDF won’t allow any modifications. However, since it is a different kind of file, you need special software to open it. Download Adobe reader on your computer. It is free and can help you view a PDF file. However, Windows 8 and higher comes with a pre-installed Adobe reader. With Adobe reader you will only be able to view the file and not edit it.

Which software is required to Edit the PDF?

You can edit PDF files in many ways. They are;

  • You can edit them through Adobe Reader DC or Bluebeam Revu. They are two different platforms and help you make the most of your PDF file.
  • You can also choose Acrobat Pro while even an Illustrator can help you edit the document.
  • Also, you can make use of Photoshop to edit the document. However, knowledge of the software is important.

How To Create PDF File On Desktop?

  • Open Acrobat
  • Choose the option ‘Tools’
  • Select the file type you want to create, such as single file, scan, multiple files or more
  • Then choose ‘create’ and then click on ‘next’
  • Finally, follow the prompts that will appear and save your file in the desired location

How To Create PDF File On Mobile?

To create PDF files on mobile, you will have to install Google Documents. You can either create the file from the scratch or upload the one you want to share on Google Docs. Finally, click in the three dots that are on the top-right menu and click on share and export. Then, choose Save as and opt for PDF Document and click on OK. Now, your file is exported as PDF. You can also click on the download button to save this file on your mobile phone as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Using PDF?

PDF files have several benefits. They are;

  • You can compress your essential files with the help of PDF. This way, you will be able to share the file easily without losing any important information from the file.
  • The main advantage of a PDF file is that it keeps you file safe as editing the same isn’t an easy chore. Therefore, all important documents are stored in PDF format.
  • They are completely user friendly and you can access the document anywhere, through mobile, tablet or computer.
  • With PDF you get clear images and graphics with good quality.

It allows file compression where sharing becomes easy but you won’t lose any quality. Finally, it is important to understand that a PDF file can be used by anyone and everyone as it comes with benefits and is safe to use. Also, we must all know PDF full-form in computer, which is Portable Document Format as it is something we use frequently.

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