DP Full Form

What is the full form of DP?

Dear Students, DC is a very common word and it has many full forms. Here, we would like to share with you DC stands for Display Picture, Data Processing, Delhi Police and more. We will keep adding new 

  • DP: Display Picture
  • DP: Data Processing
  • DP: Delhi Police

Display Picture: DP is one of most popular abbreviations of Display Picture. It represents a photo which is being uploaded on social networking websites e.g. Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Telegram, Signal and more. Register users on the website generally maintain identical or common DP on their different social networking websites.

Delhi Police: The abbreviation of Delhi Police is DP. Delhi Police is a law enforcement agency in Delhi and comes under the Central Government.   

Data Processing:  Data Processing is the full form of DP. Data Processing comes under Data Science where a Data Processing engineer collects and manipulates data to produce a meaningful result. 

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