Paragraph on Diwali

The festival of lights is the only festival celebrated in each corner of the country while other Indian festivals remain within certain states.  Diwali or, also known as Deepavali symbolises overcoming darkness with light, ignorance with knowledge, and evil with goodness within. Diwali celebration starts from the decoration of lights, kids celebrating Diwali by bursting crackers and ends with family gatherings, sharing food and ultimately celebrating the positivity of life.

Why is the Diwali Festival an Important topic for Paragraph Writing?

Paragraph on Diwali is one of the common topics for academics as Diwali is one of the greatest festivals of India. Everybody makes unique memories each Diwali and also their approach towards the festivity changes as they grow up. Since it is a memorable and exciting holiday for everybody especially children, and the students. Paragraph on Diwali can be well written easily with a little personal touch. You can find paragraphs on Diwali in English here for standards of students. Scroll through the one that suits your needs.

Paragraph on Diwali – 100 Words for Classes 1, 2, 3 Kids

My favourite festival Deepavali is the festival of lights. Like me, many people love it because of the lights, food, sweets and the starting of winter. My most loved part about this festival is the sense of joy among my family.

We wear new clothes. We decorate our home with Rangoli in the morning and with lights and candles in the evening. I go to my uncle’s and grandparents’ house. We exchange clothes and sweets. I burst a few firecrackers with my cousins. Our parents tell us to not burst too many as it is bad for the environment.  My favourite part is the last day when l celebrate Bhai Dooj. I exchange gifts and celebrate sibling love.

Thus, l thoroughly enjoy the holidays during Diwali.

Paragraph on Diwali – 150 Words for Classes 4 and 5 Children

One of the greatest festivals in India is the ‘festival of lights’. This festival connects the width and breadth of India, celebrated in the middle of Kartik month. The whole country celebrates the festival together with unique regional and folk rituals. 

Many celebrate it with Laxmi puja and some with Visnu puja. There are bileifs that  Ram returned to Ayodhya on Diwali. Hence, people also worship Ram.  Few people worship Ma Kali on the second day of Diwali praying the end of evil. Traditions of worshipping of the different Gods and Goddesses bring out diversity in the celebration in different states. 

We go to our relatives’ and friends’ houses wearing new clothes.  The favourite part of the celebration is creating rangoli and lighting as many candles as possible and decor lights. All the localities light up and create a great view of the night. We share special sweets, gather together, burst crackers and have a lot of delicious foods for Diwali celebration. 

The gatherings and playful spirit of fall make Diwali celebrations special.

Paragraph on Diwali- 200 Words for Classes 6, 7, 8 Students

Diwali is the most exciting time of the year when we students and the adults all come together to celebrate something bigger than life. Diwali is the festival of lights, the festival of togetherness and prosperity. Decoration and food in the Diwali are quite important being the core part of the occasions. Bursting banned crackers like bombs and excessive fire cracking impacts the environment significantly which is increasing each year. We should minimize our uses of firecrackers to celebrate. Our small pleasure becomes our loss afterwards.

The celebrations are distributed in five days and in the starting of month Kartik we all get excited and wait for the 15th day to arrive. Diwali decorations include cleaning the home, buying exciting illuminants, fairy lights and the excitement of decorating our home, creating rangoli and lighting the candles, is out of the world. With Laxmi puja in Dhanteras the celebration begins. Many businessmen and general people pray to  Laxmi for prosperity and start a new year for their business on that day. As we prepare for Diwali we buy Diwali food including special sweets like Modok, Barfi, Motipak, Karanjis, Anarsa and many more. 

In those five days, we celebrate life through food, parties and family gatherings. Many states worship Ram, Kali, Laxmi, Govardhan throughout Diwali by celebrating rituals making it unique in each part of the country. Diwali allows us to spread love, knowledge and optimism.

Paragraph on Diwali – 250 to 300 Words for Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 and Competitive Exams Students

Diwali is one of the symbolic festivals of our country which celebrates the optimism of life. On the 15th day of Hindu  Lunisolar month of Kartik, it is celebrated. Diwali is the celebration of the victory of evil with goodness, darkness with light and ignorance with knowledge. 

The occasion is celebrated for five days. The main events on those days are Dhanteras celebrated by mainly Laxmi puja and observed by most businesses for prosperity. The second day is Narak Chaturdashi where the main event is to clean and decorate the home with rangolis, fairy lights and Diwali preparation. Diwali proper is observed on the third day by bursting crackers, gathering with friends and family. The next day is the Day of Govardhan Puja and lastly, the Bhai dooj which is observed by doing rituals for a better bond between sisters and brothers. And the festivities come to an end.  Many parts of India like Northeast India and South India celebrate properly on the second day of the five days. 

Diwali celebration includes regional rituals like Laxmi Puja, worship of God Vishnu, Ram, Kali Ma depending on the region. However, regardless of gender, caste and religion many people take part in the celebration of the sanctity of this occasion. Apart from religious practices and traditions people renovate their houses, illuminate their interior and exterior of the home and decorate with lights, burst firecrackers, families gather to have a great time together.

But, for the last decade, Diwali has been an alarming time of year than the festivity. Because of the high increase in air pollution after celebrations, transport has been kept on hold for days and the month of November and December records the highest index of harmful gases and particles in the air each year. Also, bursting crackers damages the health of many animals. Stray dogs become hurt because of the unacceptable noise levels and inhuman behaviours. The act of celebration may bring happiness, not disasters. People without discrimination celebrates the festival seeking knowledge, prosperity and togetherness.

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