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Today, young kids, as well as adults, are well aware of what pollution is all about. It has become such a common yet dangerous issue that we face every day that no one is a stranger to the topic. But how to write an essay on pollution? Although it is something we have to deal with regularly, writing about it is a different matter altogether. Nevertheless, it is essential to comprehend how one can pen a beautiful essay as it can be an important question in the examination. Hence, to make it easier for you, we bring you a short note on pollution. Take a look. 

The term ‘pollution’ refers to the amalgamation of harmful materials in the environment known as the pollutants. When we talk about pollution, we are referring to the contamination that is taking place due to the contaminants. Basically, pollution is caused by none other than us humans. And as of now, the environment is deteriorating at a steady pace. Hence, it is critical for us to take action right away without any delay. Greta Thunberg, the famous environmental activist, said, “I want you to act as if the house is on fire because it is.” That’s the level of urgency the environmental degradation has reached, and we must act as if our house is on fire.

Types Of Pollution

Now, that you are familiar with what pollution is all about. Let’s move on to the types of pollution.

  • Air Pollution: Air pollution is nothing but the presence of harmful substances in the air, which do not occur naturally. These substances decrease the quality of air and are detrimental to all living beings. Air pollution is generally caused by the release of chemicals into the environment. It can be both human-made and natural. However, it is usually generated by us humans. 
  • Water Pollution: Water is essential for all living beings. Two-thirds of our planet is covered in water. And, did you know? Seventy-six percent of our body is made of water. However, when the main water bodies, such as oceans, seas, lakes, and more, become polluted because of various human activities, it is known as water pollution. 
  • Soil Pollution: Humans are the main culprit here because the way we take care of our lands isn’t up to the mark. The depletion of the layers of soil is disrupting the habitat of essential bacteria, adversely affecting the biodiversity. The definition of soil pollution is the reduction in the quality of soil due to contamination. 
  • Sound Pollution: The increasing traffic, the use of electronics, etc., leads to loud sounds that can cause strain, headaches, irritation, and ear damage. This is known as sound pollution. 
  • Radioactive Pollution: Due to the release of the radioactive substances in the environment, the environment, and living organisms both get hampered. This is known as radioactive pollution.

Causes Of Pollution

The leading causes of pollution include;

  • Burning of fossil fuels
  • Industrial Emission
  • Air pollution that takes place indoors due to improper ventilation and temperature
  • Wildfires
  • Microbial decaying process
  • Emission from transportation
  • Open burning of garbage waste
  • Construction and demolition
  • Agriculture activities
  • Use of synthetic and chemical products

Harmful Effects of Pollution

Pollution adversely affects our lives more than we can actually comprehend. Although it doesn’t look severe to the naked eye, the damage is being done as we speak. For instance, like oxygen is present in the air, but you can see it. That’s how the pollution acts. It is present in the air, water, and soil, but since we cannot gauge the effect, we tend to ignore it. Today, when we speak about air pollution, the pollutants cause an increase in carbon dioxide, making it difficult for the living being and enhancing global warming.

Also, in the name of religion, as industrial waste and improper sewage system is deteriorating the condition of water, making it a possibility for there to be a shortage of water in the future. And, without water, life on Earth won’t be possible. Finally, we keep dumping waste on the grounds, turning the soil toxic. If soil pollution increases at such a pace, we won’t have fertile land to grow crops. Hence, it is immensely crucial for us to understand what the pollution is doing to our environment and take strict action.

How To Reduce And Stop Pollution 

To reduce pollution, we can take certain precautions. They include;

  • Taking public transportation or carpooling whenever possible
  • Instead of a traditional-fuel vehicle, we can switch to electric vehicles
  • We must make recycling a priority as this will reduce the garbage waste
  • Rainwater harvesting must be followed everywhere
  • We must encourage people to plant more trees
  • We must limit the use of harmful fertilizers

These were a few of the tips to control pollution. However, it is a joint effort. We must all come together to care for our environment to ensure we live in a healthy world.

How Can We Avoid Pollution 

In this paragraph on pollution, we will learn tips on how we can avoid pollution. They include;

  • Be resourceful of energy.
  • Don’t waste water. Use only the amount you required. For instance, long showers means one is wasting water.
  • Switching to electric vehicles can ensure a reduction in air and sound pollution.
  • We must only use recyclable materials.
  • Never leave waste in public places. Always pick it up and dump it in a bin.
  • Don’t throw waste in rivers or oceans.

These are simple tips that children and adults can both embrace. Following this will have a substantial effect on the environment.

In conclusion, it is essential to understand how dangerous our environment has become and take all the necessary precautions to reduce the effects to ensure that the future generations can live a blissful life just like we are as of now. This was the pollution essay in English. Now, let’s take a look at the common questions.

Question1: How can children take part in reducing pollution?


  • Never waster water
  • Always throw garbage in dustbins
  • Plants trees
  • Don’t waste food

Question 2: Phosphate pollution is caused by ——————-

Answer: Sewage and agriculture fertilizers

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