Our Mission is to help all Indian students to get the Free study material on their internet connected devices. We understand the every student deserve the chance to learn. Currently we are in nascent stage and committed to become the one of largest ed-tech company in India.

Why Choose Us: We more than 20 years of experience in education, we understand our students and their requirements. Currently our team is working on different student’s engagement products which will help you to learn, practice and score in your exams.

Free Study Material: We have recently launched our English section where we are providing useful study material to our students which is not only useful for CBSE or ICSE students but also very helpful for all states level boards in India


India is a non English speaking country where hundreds of language exist but learning English language is considered as a gateway of success. In Metro-cities students can easily find a good English home tutor and in small towns & villages is not easy. Eagerly understands that there is lack of good English tutor therefor we are gradually adding useful study material for you.

English Essay Topics

Paragraph Writing Topics:

Learning Paragraph writing skills is very important in School. Eagerly is committed to provide most important paragraph so that you can score more marks in your school and board exams.

Mathematics Tables:

Learning mathematics tables are very important to become expert in Arithmetic calculation. Math tables are the base of all the calculation and used in mathematical operations e.g. Addition, Multiplication and Division.

NCERT Solutions

NCERT Books are most popular books for CBSE students and other state board students also study them. While answering the question of NCERT Books students need a genuine resource from where they can cross check their answers or learn how to solve the questions. Eagerly will provide most accurate solutions for NCERT Books from Grade 1 to 12 all streams.

Full Form

Every child is curious and due to curiosity and want to know about the full form of words which they listen in day to day life. On Eagerly we are trying to list full form of important abbreviations.

Ask Questions

As every child is eager to learn new things and has behaviour to ask questions. Our team is intensively working on identifying popular questions and Eagerly experts provides detailed answers.